We live in an era where cooperation and solidarity are qualities as important and necessary for our survival as the water and the air we breathe to insure our eternal evolution. A deeper and substantial communication and contact searches for time and space to be cultivated and transformed in a harmonic dance where Grace, Balance, Beauty, Health and Vitality can again triumph as Goddesses within us. We co-exist and we are co-dependent. We are a part of the valuable chain of Life on planet Gaia. All the elements | Water | Air | Ether | Fire | Metal | Wood | Earth are part both of our inner and outer Self.

We invite you to our magical space inside Nature’s hug, underneath the ancient oriental plane trees, the oregano prairies and wild mint all around us, to listen to the bells, the waves of the Sea and the summer cricket songs. A great opportunity to feel the musical poetry of our island.

Apart from our Partner Yoga, Thai Yoga Massage and Contact Improvisation workshops we propose sustainable activities and transportation to experience the wild north part of the island by bike in tranquility, a relaxing and healing bath in the thermal springs famous for their healing properties. Walks and soft hiking to explore the biodiversity in the canyon of fonias, enjoying the cool waters of the river and dive in the natural pools called “Vathres” under the divine power of the waterfalls.Nights of live music or quite peaceful contemplation under the rich starry sky await you.
Mediterranean food produced by the local community who support the sustainable development of the island.
Experience our delicious palette and enjoy all the colors of our vegetables!

The hospitality is offered by the Social Cooperative “Zathay” and is supported by the Municipality of Samothraki, the cultural company “Dia Somatos | Through the Body” and Samothraki Rent-a-Bike.

We wish your participation in Synergy | Bodies in Partnership to be an enjoyable exploration of your inner and outer landscape!!